“E” Is for “Ebb Tide”

Beach in New Jersey

Beach in New Jersey

It’s been one of those weeks when life suddenly shifts, and you start looking at where you’ve been. Life can be like an ebb tide that reveals past hours, past experiences, and past missteps like freakish debris and shells on the sandy shoals.

This is a romantic way of saying, “I’ve been unpacking the junk boxes and filing my stuff.” I’ve also been indulging in the shredder, which has been cathartic [goodbye, stupid credit card offers I never asked for].

But here’s the good: in between shrieking in horror at the seaweed I’ve dredged up, I’ve found lots of evidence of why I’m in a better place — from the education I received to the job experience I’ve gained. I’ve also unearthed many, many letters that remind me of all the people who pulled for me. Family and friends just never stop believing in their people. They never stop hoping for the best.

I know that after papers are filed and the tide rolls back in I will retain memories of the gleaming seashells and polished stones that lie beneath the waves. The sandy seaweed I have to keep is safely filed in a folder filled with other paperwork evils.

To my friends and family: here’s hoping for the best for us all. Well, that and a laid-back vacation on the Jersey shore. 😉


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