Woodpecker on the Birdfeeder

…. happily eating the nyjer (Niger) seed set out for goldfinches in the feeder by the window.

After becoming accustomed to the sight of petite goldfinches, it was a bit like a Boeing 747 landing in a space meant for a midsize plane. This may be a hairy woodpecker or possibly a downy woodpecker, although the eating behavior is more like that of the first variety. According to various Internet resources, hairy woodpeckers are attracted to seeds AND fruit (we see the neat marks in the figs).

The hairy woodpecker is also attracted to the evil tree, which may mean its demise. Good news for the professional arborist, if not for my pocketbook…

I have grown to hate ailanthus, otherwise known in these parts as “the stinky tree”. It’s invasive here, and has been since introduction in the 1740s. If a woodpecker indicates insects taking out the tree, then I need to start a fund to remove the thing.


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