I live on a block with the requisite odd people (cue random yelling woman or the people with dogs the size of elephants). We even have loud, odd visitors (cue drunk guy shouting F– that! at least once a night. It always sounds like the same guy too, which makes me worry that he’s really killing his brain cells with beer if he’s this surprised each time he has a bad time with his friends).

Meanwhile, neighbors have chosen to move their piano out on the front porch, and then leave it outdoors during yesterday’s tropical storm. It looks like a perfectly good upright, of uncertain vintage. I wonder what it ever did to them.

It’s a little bit too eccentric — like Elizabeth Eliza’s piano in the Peterkin Papers.

Should I sneak onto their porch and use the piano to practice chorus music by their porch light? The honeysuckle is in bloom, which adds an air of romance to plans of skulduggery.

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