Autumn Offers Her Beautiful Face

… and the sun shines through the last few of the leaves on the trees, like stained glass.

Birch leaves

Birch leaves

We took one more walk around the neighborhood, before the autumn chill knocks all the leaves onto streets and lawns. The streets are paved with gold and they still sleep under an overarching canopy of oranges, red, and russets. The fig leaves are turning slowly turning yellow, then dropping off the trees. And while its leaves are turning from green to red and orange, the forsythia is sporting yellow blooms.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, filled with beautiful gardens to gaze at and birds to watch (including yellow chickadees and black crows). May we all have such beautiful days ahead of us, filled with that bittersweet hope that changing seasons bring. And yes — there’s a lot of raking in my future too.


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