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Since her adolescence she had developed a theory, which held that all the keys to the cosmos were assembled at various earthly points: libraries. An individual who knew all the books in a few libraries could understand the universe, right down to its most intimate, most savage elements.”

The impossibility of the task for a single brain and a single life reflected all the truth of this ultimate knowledge: It was not within the grasp of mankind.” – Maxim Chattam. The Cairo Diary.

Yep, I’m still reading along, in between work, walks, knitting, choir practice, and making dinners. So far, not too spooky. We’ll see how it goes. I’m a wimp. But this quote is one of those things I think about when in a library. That absolute thrill when I see all those books. And honestly, in today’s economy, the library is needed more than ever for job seeking, escapist reading, and a place you can sit and think without people asking you if you’re going to buy something.


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