Free Seasonal Things to Do

City Hall, Philadelphia, 2005 - photo courtesy of The Gardener

City Hall, Philadelphia, 2005 - photo courtesy of The Gardener

  1. Attend a church concert or join a caroling group.
  2. Select stories to tell around the fireplace. Here are a few to get started: try a story about tinsel, read a section from A Christmas Carol by Dickens–there are enough chapters to stretch out over 5 nights, or have everyone write down their favorite memories of holidays past, and then read them out loud.
  3. Go on a walk (or drive) down the street with the best decorations. Hampden, in Baltimore, has a pretty famous one. There’s also a similar street (Ogden, I think) in South Philly. I think this one is near Raleigh-Durham, NC. I bet there’s one happy lit-up block in almost every city in the USA.
  4. Go to see a free light show put on at a mall or a more historic one, like the one at the old Wanamaker’s building. Or go window shopping to look at the holiday displays downtown — Displays in Rothenburg, Germany, New York City, Bethlehem, Penna, Provincetown, Mass, the most amazing menorah in South Beach, Miami, Fla and windows from London, UK.
  5. String beads or popcorn for the tree, while listening to your favorite carols. Make old cards into tree ornaments by cutting out the images and gluing a string inbetween the front of the card and a backing of paper.
  6. Volunteer at a charity near and dear to your heart.
  7. Most of all — have fun! The best present you can give yourself is enough time to enjoy the season.

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