Christmas and Hanukkah Wishes

Oh, Tannenbaum

Oh Tannenbaum

To everyone who reads this: I hope your holidays are happy, festive, healthy, and safe.

I’m checking my list and getting ready for annual Christmastime events. This will probably be the start of blog silence for a bit. You can’t blog while you’re eating at your parent’s dinner table (at least not politely).  If we follow last year’s pattern — there will be Christmas Eve services, possible mad dashes into gift shops, and hoped-for meetings with far-flung relatives who have all gathered to effectively transmit colds across the eastern seaboard.

Drama is added to the season by friends inconvenienced by storms in Oregon (one can only hope they get to safely continue their travels). I also know people in the Northeast who are still without power…hopefully they get service started again soon.

Here’s hoping that everyone gets where they’re supposed to be. That the lights of the menorah stir feelings of hope. And that everyone who is celebrating Christmas gets to spend some time thinking about the phrase, “All is calm, all is bright…” in between all the hectic minutes leading up to 6 AM (or 5 AM if the children are like those I know) on Christmas day.

The construction crew down the block is listening to “All I Want for Christmas (is You)” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and other music that sounds tinny from this distance. (I kind of wish they’d do Adam Sandler’s song instead.)

PS: If you’re looking for some crafty ideas for wrapping gifts — people who sew enjoy getting some extra fabric wrapped around their presents; brown paper bags cut up and put “wrong side” out, with stamped designs on the outside can be festive; and if you have used wrapping paper, it can be used again.


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