When I overhear college students

… I think that life in the business world could be much much worse.

I’ve directed a few internships, back in the days of underpaid overwork (and no healthcare benefits thank you very much). Students did amazing things that indicated they could not:

  1. Alphabetize (undeclared major)
  2. Read (science major)
  3. Listen (education major)
  4. Write (communications major)

The most amazing of all the interns I had was an art major. She was able to do all 4 and could actually think on her own after I described a research project I needed her to do. It was almost as though she gave a darn and hoped to graduate. These were all students at good schools, but sometimes what matters isn’t the college of choice but the actual choice of the students to learn and pay attention. I hope the art major went on to get a job that paid a hell of a lot more than I was earning. Or at least split the difference so she could be creative and still earn a living wage.


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