Music videos and a fascination with the past

Whether it’s a fascination with French filmography: Smashing Pumpkins

Or green-fairy induced monomania/Victorian mourning with an unpleasant singer who was possibly told to overact: Nine Inch Nails

People in wigs and crushed velvet: Annie Lenox (Hugh Laurie and John Malkovich)

Incomprehensible Cold War camp when you go west with the Pet Shop Boys

A lovely video that might be from Martina McBride or not… called “For These Times” (starring NYC). I mostly posted this because I want to visit it again.

Enjoy the timewarp.*

*Courtesy of my desire not to look at the news and obsess more about earthquakes and not being able to feel like I’m making a difference. BTW: If you’re interested in helping, check credible nonprofits out there, okay? There’s Doctor’s Without Borders, Red Cross (although I feel weird about texting something on my phone to donate), and other places that have a track record of helping others.


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