Love isn’t just for one kind of people


Love isn’t just for one type of person. I keep seeing ads, and they just seem to be for the normal love claptrap. Girl meets guy, some faux pas happens because of this and girl and guy inexplicably wind up together in some way. Or, guy meets girl(s) and has to choose who he’s going to be with. (By the way, Sandra B, way to go on bucking this trend with your award-winning movie.) Meanwhile I think, “Wow, I think this is why I don’t go to movies anymore.” The only movie trailers that seem to come on when I’m watching t.v. seem to be for things that are whiter than rice, more normative than I think my parents were back in the 60s, and filled with so many cliches it makes me just want to pick up a good book.

Meanwhile, the weddings in DC have started. Friends are trying to get the license and vows done before the US govt decides to take the right to get married away again (as in “psych, you don’t deserve this you evil evil people who have been paying taxes for the past 50 years”). This isn’t Hollywood slapstick, or made for tv drama, but real life. It’s also much more interesting and exciting than fiction. And, actually, it’s going to take about 20 years or more for Hollywood to learn how to handle this new type of romance right, so in the meantime I’ll look for my romantic comedy on the library shelves.


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