Imelda has lost her shoes

….Or someone has. A whole trail or tribe of shoes lay scattered on the side of the highway, starting with large fancy dress shoes, heels, and finishing up with a few forlorn little baby shoes that had been tied together. I drove by in traffic slow enough for me to notice details — a zipper pull here, an olive suede upper there — until it started to feel like a slow motion scene from an Oliver Stone film (although, alas, no soundtrack). I spent a good 20 minutes wondering why they were there, and here are some brief theories:

  • A shoe donation box tipped over while being moved
  • A family was fleeing from suburban America and dropped their shoes as they ran
  • A dance troupe lost its shoes for the weekend’s big number
  • Inept thieves stole shoes from a shoe outlet, then dropped them when they realized they forgot the cash

No serious theories in my brain today, as you can see. But my, it was funny. Almost as good as the day I followed a strand of yarn 1.5 miles around the outer loop of the DC beltway.


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  1. 1 anj March 12, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    wow. well at least it made you smile. I have no theories.. but I will riddle you this batman.. if an Editing pub gets bought up and you ask them to charge your card.. would you not dispute the charge if a Boating pub was charged? yeah.. that was my morning.

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