Sighting wildlife along the Chesapeake

Sometimes, even when you are in busy cities, you can watch amazing wildlife along the waterways. Cities, historically, seemed to punish their waterways. I’m still saddened by the Jones Falls Expressway, which was built over most of the Jones Falls and its streams. When you visit Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and New York, there are places where you can still see the old waterways glinting in the sun (and other places where the Chesapeake, the Allegheny, or New York harbor are being brought back to life).

The other day we took a walk after a road trip to a Baltimore architectural salvage place. While crossing the rusty bridge on the bike path across from a power plant, we saw something in the distance. The Gardener thought it was a buzzard, and I said, “no, it has a white tail and a white head”. And so we stopped and watched as a bald eagle swept across the sky and overhead to go south toward D.C. The last time I saw one in the wild, it was on the Upper Peninsula, while visiting family. Links to other sitings in the Maryland area here. And factoids about the Bald Eagle from the National Park Conservation Association here.


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