Sweet Norwegian baby cap

Was sighted on a friends’ FB page, so I guess it’s safe to reveal the picture now. Sadly, not with a newborn in it (the hat is too big right now, and baby doesn’t need to be in a blog — the kid’s Mom should decide when the kid gets a closeup on the internet). The gracious Miss Banister has offered to substitute for the baby in this instance, to give you an idea. The pattern is adorable, although I got distracted and ended up futzing some of the bind offs once I started the decreases (here’s a sample by someone else, who did a better job of interpreting the pattern). You’ll probably be able to see it pretty clearly either here, or on the version on flickr.

So, I have seldom ever knit anything without altering it or cobbling together some “fix” that seems good enough at the time but when I see it, the “fix” blazes with the white heat of a thousand, mortifying suns. (There’s at least one pair of baby booties that will never see the light of day. I just don’t think anything human could wear them. A goat, perhaps.) However, I think I might want to revisit the Sweet Norwegian Baby Cap, because it is a fun knit.

More gift knitting underway as we speak.


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