Snooping around empty houses

One of the things I loved about house hunting was getting to imagine
a) Myself living there
b) What the people were like who lived there
Normally, on house hunting jaunts, you’re not looking at high-end houses, but what you can afford. So, when I get the chance to snoop around in a historic house in a garden that happens to be open to the public for one day, I can’t resist getting out my camera. This Victorian beauty is in a gardens in Maryland. Lovely outdoors, and intriguing inside. For instance, there’s this sort of tan and gold tapestry work that shows swans meeting one another.

And then there were amazing looking French doors that looked out onto the formal gardens, an intriguing stairway that swooped to the second floor (off limits), and a large, spidery chandelier made of dull metal with fancy raised work on its branches. The best was a stained glass window in the front hallway, with this amazing bit of matching mosaic work hiding in the foyer, shadowed behind the inner and outer doors. So the mystery for me, beyond what the house was used for when it wasn’t a mansion (boarding house, school, government building, hospital offices?), is when did the stained glass put in — and did it imitate the pattern in the tesserae or vice versa?


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