Photo documentation I wish I had of odd signage

  1. The local eaterie that advertises Liver with a red neon sign. (I’m confused. Is this an early warning system of impending gastric distress, or an enticement?)
  2. Sign on a handmade flatbed trailer behind a small car: “The Breadbox”. (Flatbed trailer was hauling empty bookshelves, so you’ve got me.)
  3. A dirt dump truck that says, in Gothic script “Big Bertha”
  4. Another dump truck that says, “God’s witness”
  5. Any number of needless apostrophes, or missing ones. (I guess I should write “needless apostrophe’s or missing one’s”). Why do unneeded apostrophes cluster on food advertisements?

Any bizarre punctuation follies or weird names on the dump trucks near you? I’m sorry I haven’t documented any of these with photos, but I’m normally the one driving when I see this stuff.


2 Responses to “Photo documentation I wish I had of odd signage”

  1. 1 anj August 16, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Then you might enjoy a book I just heard about. the great typo hunt across america. I am planning on borrowing it from the library.

    Great to see you two. Sorry we had to leave. bleargh.

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