One disturbing truck with a literacy message

Literacy Rocks is the theme of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Gretchen Wilson (a singing, country music star) is the face they have chosen. Not sure if “rock” and “country” are interchangeable these days in the minds of today’s youth, but they couldn’t have chosen a more eye-attracting face. No, seriously. In the gloaming, having your headlights hit the back of a large truck, with a beautifully airbrushed rendering of Gretchen Wilson looking straight at you (just face, with hair disappearing into the dark truck behind her)  is startling. If you’re stuck in quick moving traffic, you might wonder where the heck you’ve seen the face (is it someone who was in Cats? no… maybe Battlestar Galactica? No, um…. Ok, I know, it’s the woman who sings “Redneck Woman”).

It’s a great campaign for her, speaking closely to what is known from her bio. But you know, every time they have to get into the back of that truck, her beautiful face gets split in half. 🙂

In other news, I have been knitting. It’s the same interminable sock. The knitting needles go round and round, and I never quite get to the toe. I’m starting to think of nicknaming it ” under the spell of the White Witch” Eh, perhaps not.


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