Floors and reading matters

Maugham is going slowly. I’ve made it to page 120 in Cakes and Ale, where the narrator (who is also an author) tediously goes on about the writing of an older, Victorian author (Driffield, who he knew from childhood). It’s quite meta, with patches of amusement thrown in as lifelines to hint the actual author does have a sense of humor. For instance, the narrator says of D’s writing, “We know of course that women are habitually constipated, but to represent them in fiction as being altogether devoid of a back passage seems to me really an excess of chivalry.” So, is he snarking because D writes about idealized women even though D. has married twice? So, I’m marking the small bits of humor and sarcasm, and enjoying it for what it’s worth.

Meanwhile, I have attacked a bathroom floor with vinegar and hot water. The results are just sort of “meh” because again, someone didn’t buy anything interesting — just a pale floor that has developed grey gumlike stains on it. Someday I’ll find something that can remove those (probably removing the tile and replacing them with something better). No pictures of floors. They’re too boring.


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