Ripping out a stalled project

There are moments when I look at my knitting and think, “This is a hobby. Why in hell’s name am I keeping this stalled project around?” For starters: Honeycomb. I started it, and then it stalled out because I kept forgetting where in the pattern I was. Several life changes happened while I was knitting this one. And if I look in my Ravelry stats, it was started way back in March 2009. I’m beginning to think I should liberate this yarn for another project, and maybe try this one again in the summer with a different yarn.

So what should I do? Send this to the frog pond so I can do something else with different cables that I might like…. or hold onto it in the forlorn hope that the love might come back for both yarn and project? I have it listed as hibernating right now. But I may be able to rip back and use the same yarn for “Stone Walls” from Cheryl Oberle’s book Folk Vests. (or maybe the Crofter’s slipover in shades of teal.) And perhaps it’s time to admit I want to move something forward and wear it, instead of claiming “I’m a process knitter”.  Thoughts?


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  1. 1 anj November 8, 2010 at 10:14 am

    thought… Do you really want to knit something that takes mental energy right now? Perhaps a plain jane sweater until you have th ability to concentraet again? I love both the vest and the honeycomb, but both of those require paying attention to pattern rows…

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