Second sock syndrome

Forget second sock syndrome — first sock syndrome has had me in its grip. I’ve got one Hiiumaa mates sock done (except finishing the toe). I’ve been working on this sock off and on since October of 2008. I’ve started the next one, and hope that there are fewer momentous emotional icebergs in the water ahead. This last pair has The socks are well traveled — they’ve been to Europe, New York City, Dallas (and heavens knows where else when they’ve been in the belly of a plane), and I’ve used this particular yarn to death. It’s the third project using these 2 sock yarns, and I’m yawning when I look at it. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of short anklets I knit with it right now.

So, does anyone else have any dirt simple projects that just aren’t flying along naturally? I’ve felt stalled for a good long time, partly by lack of time, and many of my projects are languishing because I’m just too tired from commuting to think of anything other than watching t.v. or reading a novel.


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