A few short words for spare, stylish prose

Henning Mankell’s The Pyramid offers mysteries without overly describing the sensational aspects of the crime scene. They’re a wonderful sharp sorbet, cleansing the brain after reading too much fluff.

There is a series that PBS was showing that is exquisitely acted, but too emotional when compared to the matter of fact tones of the books. I think I’d prefer to read the books first, and then see if I can catch up and see the series later, so that I can enjoy the stories and put the emotional tones in myself.

Unfortunately, I have received a notice that it is due at the library, so I have to finish the last short story. [Shh — don’t tell me how it ends!]

I think I’ll read something else that is different, next. Maybe a Jane Austen or Dickens that I have in the house already. In depressing news — the second sock that I was working on is a different gauge than the first one.  They’re supposed to be mismatched mates, but I can’t hope that the recipient has two different sized calves, now, can I? Gearing up for a frog festival and search for a set of needles one size larger.


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