Red for a fairytale romance

Red toadstools, decorating a shop window in Germany, make me think of any number of tales by the Brothers Grimm. I don’t get to see that many shop windows that are this fanciful where I live. Of course, I’m rarely shopping in the tourist section of town. Perhaps there is a small shop that has stock that inspires this sort of display.

[Or maybe I’m bitter because the big department store shop windows that I used to go gawk at, with their amazing displays of giant birds’ nests or ice wonderlands or fanciful giant hearts, have gone dark now. Honestly, if a store sells me on the romance, they’ve half got my dollar, or they’ve encourage me to tell someone else to go look for something.]

Keeping with the theme of red and romance, I have wound some very pink yarn from Lorna’s Laces (a dyelot described as “no yellow”) that I received as a prize when I went to a knitters’ retreat years ago. I’m thinking simple socks… something to ease me back into knitting after 2 failed projects. I might take pictures when it isn’t oh-gawd-o’clock outside.


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