Thoughts on needlework

I’m stalled on knitting right now. I think it’s because there have been a lovely couple of days where the sun has shown, the weather has warmed up, and all the flowers are blooming.

I have acquired a Butterick pattern for gloves. I was hoping that maybe I could make a pair of gloves that fit, in colors I like. I’m left with a few questions, though:

  • I’ve never seen stretch charmeuse (which I thought was just silk, but apparently it can have spandex in it?)
  • Wonder if I can use a wool fabric with some stretch to it? Hrm?
  • Lace fingerless mitts are right out, unless I’m practicing with the sizing in the pattern (see below).
  • How does one identify if you’re cutting the right size?
  • Yes, I’ve gone to Butterick’s Website, and they don’t tell how to measure for gloves.
  • They also have shoe patterns, and their measurement guide doesn’t mention feet either.
  • Bother. But I do like that I can size the length of fingers and thumbs up or down.

I have scrap fabric for this. I will probably get tracing paper so I don’t ruin the pattern while practicing. So, anyone else have a project that daunts them?


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