pink violets

pink violets by rjknits
pink violets, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

Hope everyone’s Easter Holiday was wonderful. (Or you had a wonderful Saturday and Sunday, if you got to take the time away from work… or you’re in the midst of Passover [if I’ve done the math right, it’s still on for another day]). These violets smell like SweeTarts candy [from before Wonka became part of their brand.. and there were still lime ones], and they’re celebrated as a really wonderful event (even though they’re very small). It’s amazing how much impact something so small can have on one’s mood or the neighborhood.

The Gardener dug in the Fall, like paid to do it, and now the northern part of the yard has gorgeous tulips in lots of happy colors nodding for the mail deliveryperson. Lovely pink bells with white stripes, red, or yellow ones.  The weather here is so warm, that the lilac is blooming on the south facing side of the yard (I’m hoping to get a picture before the blooms are gone).


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