Baking frenzy

Yesterday was a day of baking from the old standby — Fannie Farmer.
From a French style honey bread….

to prepping French vanilla ice cream with a bit of lavender in the milk… which was churned today (Monday) by the Gardener.
And then I made meringues (because honestly, what else should I do with that many egg whites, but not enough for an angelfood cake?).
The house smells delicious. And I’m not sure how many times I’ve washed the bowls. 🙂

I’m in the middle of a delightful book, called Summer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart. In 1945, two young girls from the University of Iowa hop a train for NYC, and manage to be the first women to work on the shop floor. The book is bound in Tiffany blue, and although it’s not a recent printing, it’s a great deal of fun. Airy, a bit like my meringues. (Fun and frivolous — unlike the gravitas of recent news headlines, talking with family about recent storms in the heartland, etc. )


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