Summer at Tiffany

The question at the beginning of this book made me pick it up: “Do you remember the best summer of your life?”

From Tiffany blue front cover to the end, I felt like I had an inside scoop on a college girl’s best summer ever. The author, Marjorie Hart, takes readers on to Jones Beach by bus, for ginger ale at Sardi’s, and outside for a riotous VJ Day in Time’s Square.  Some scenes are too delightful for words — the pearl scene in a secret elevator in Tiffany’s will never be forgotten. Everything from that last WWII summer is shown through the eyes of an Iowan girl who was one of the first women working the floors of Tiffany’s. If you’re looking for scandals or angst, this isn’t the book for you. But if you want a nice, summery book to read while sitting on the porch or at the beach, this would be a pleasant choice.


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