The happy goat of the suburbs

Really… that kind of sums up the sort of weird day I’ve had.  While driving, I passed a display of 50 silver and bright blue pinwheels stuck in the ground in a park. They’re facing a hospital (if I had to be in a hospital this would cheer me right up). If I’m lucky, they’ll be there tomorrow when I have my camera.

Then, in the Washington, DC suburbs, I passed a brown and white goat that was out for a romp not that far from a train station. It was possibly the happiest goat I’ve ever seen. [I’ve been humming the goatherd song from the Sound of Music all day.] Last I heard, the police were wondering if the goat was feral or not. Or what its “purpose” was. [From the goat’s perspective, I think it probably was looking for an opportunity to create more goats… It had already found a place to gallop.]

Later on in the evening, I saw a double rainbow, pointing down toward the District of Columbia. It was an amazing day, but all I’ve got is text.


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