Challenges of complicated music

My choir is practicing Dirait-on by Morten Lauridsen. I’m having horrible nightmares that I will either mispronounce lots of words while near a microphone (likely) or totally flub my singing part. Since I did not learn French in school, it is very likely that I will sound as bad as the girl in my High School who shouted “GoddamI’ma moose!” (during “Gaudeamus Igitur”), which sure broke up the Christmas pageant. The song is lovely, especially in the Chamber Choir of Europe version in the link above. I’ve been listening to it a lot.

Please, next concert could we sing in a language I speak? Maybe something else based on a Rilke German poem. Or a nice Latin hymn. With my luck, the conductor will fall in love with something lovely in Greek or Czech.


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