Memories my father packed for me

Today I’ve been going through boxes from my childhood home. I’ve sorted out nicknacks/dust catchers:

  • fake glass cats
  • amber colored porpoises
  • a small cardboard chest of drawers (covered in fabulous swirls of harvest gold, blue, rust orange, and gold glitter) that holds mismatched black shoes* from dolls I no longer own
  • a plastic faux “ivory” last supper in relief against a black background
  • more flocked animals than I care to admit
  • a fan magazine clipping with info about Young Sherlock Holmes
  • and a book I never thought I’d see again:

Such a lovely surprise to see Walburga Attenberger’s little learning book in among the old newspapers from my high school (we had a Typing Olympics… I never knew). I still love the rabbit following after the hunter and his dog on the Strawberry page.

Thanks for putting this in box 1: I’ve been looking for this book for the past 15 years. I didn’t know you’d kept this memory safe, along with the follies of my pre-teen and teenage years. I’m looking forward to the next box (philosophy encyclopedias — what was I thinking?).

* ??? mismatched shoes from the dolls I gave away? Really?


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