A grab bag of the 70s through 80s

In a cardboard box. This last box was kind of a grab bag of the years from the 1970s through 1985:

  • pictures from when I went to the State science competition (in a viewfinder!! geeky!)
  • my camping set (includes a circular metal canteen in a red fabric holder — chosen by Mom to match my red baseball cap)
  • pastels
  • crayons
  • vintage construction paper
  • a toy from the 70s (that I think is now called a click-clack?)
  • barrettes, ribbons, and tie pins
  • an odd star on a necklace
  • an even weirder clunky silver-tone bracelet with a sunburst on a polished silver tone circle dangle

I’m just grateful there were no records from this decade, shudder.  Oh the white suits, teeth, and perfect hair!

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