4 bluebirds in a tree, again

4 bluebirds in a tree, again by rjknits
4 bluebirds in a tree, again, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

I only saw one bluebird, but the camera saw more.  Bluebirds are a lovely reminder Spring isn’t far off — don’t lose hope. Around here where it’s warmer, they seem to winter over.

Each of the birds in this tree were following each other around the arboretum. It does make me wonder what their habits were like before their numbers were felled by loss of habitat.  Family members have mentioned they remember large groups of bluebirds flying over the Great Lakes for the summers, back in the 50s. I have seen around 8 bluebirds flying in a group together, and it was quite startling, since they’re really blue.

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