Spring announces: “to full bloom and beyond”

The tulips put on a very quick show, and now the lilacs and the azaleas are taking over. Its as though Spring put on its Buzz Lightyear costume and announced, “to full bloom and beyond”. And now, in a wicked spin of fickle nature, we have a nor’easter (it’s dumping water not snow).

So, all Saturday I felt rushed to admire nature, while mowing as much of the lawn as possible before the sky fell in. And today, it’s been a rush to dodge the storms. The stentorian shouts of nature are calling  “Hurry, these blooms won’t last forever!” Their imperatives are worse temptation than the advertisements from the Department stores about new dresses and shoes. I genuinely wish to linger by the flowers, but I’m still not impressed by the season’s offerings (still no sleeves on dresses…easy for a garden party, not so good in an air conditioned office.).


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