A slice of city life with the start of summer

Last Saturday as evening was falling, I heard music in the distance. I looked over at the church out back, and saw two people walking slowly towards the Church road. They were two preteen boys, and the one with red hair was singing and strumming a ukelele. They kept walking, stumbling every so often because they were focusing so hard on singing Jason Mraz’s song, “I’m yours” [link here]. And I thought, as I listened to the soft voices and the jumpy ukelele strumming, that this could only happen at the corner of Church and Graveyard. The fading light made the moment magically timeless.

School is out, the kids are out strumming musical instruments… and summer has begun on a gentle note. (We ignore the gritty things that have happened in the neighborhood and the horrors of the evening news for now.)

Bonus video for a Jason Mraz song that I’ve heard on the radio a lot lately, “I Won’t Give Up“, with absolutely stunning photography.


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