Element: Fire

Pit firing of clay forms can be done in a trash can. You take your decorated pinch pots, which have been bisqued. Put chemicals on them (wear gloves), and pack them in wood shavings in a metal trash can (rubbish bin). Then build up the layers of torn up newspaper and wood shavings, add “wicks” of long pieces of newspaper that go down into the deeper layers of the combustibles. Then set the combustibles inside the can on fire.

I’m not sure what kind of smoky mess I will have on my hands when this is done. Since I wasn’t “in love” with any of my creations, I’ll be OK with whatever I get.  I’ll post pictures if anything interesting happens. But it was a bit like an improptu campfire moment, in the center of a city, complete with swatting at mosquitoes (without the campfire sing-along).


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