Time to give thanks

It’s Thanksgiving, a traditional time to look at your life and give thanks.
Around the Blogisphere, different people are writing about traditions or travels for the holidays. Here’s a Frugal traveler article from the NYTimes blog on how to travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts and see kid-friendly inexpensive things around the theme of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving can inspire knitting, possibly due to all the stress of creating a full turkey dinner. But I had not realized there was a fad (even if it’s only in the mind of a designer) for knitting turkey hats. There are at least a few on Ravelry. For those without access, there’s a list of patterns on the Squidoo website.
Poets have written about Thanksgiving. Langston Hughes wrote a poem short enough for a child to memorize (I particularly like the opening “When the night winds whistle through the trees and blow the crisp brown leaves a-crackling down,/
When the autumn moon is big and yellow-orange and round,”).
And during the American Civil War, President Lincoln made the proclamation for Thanksgiving as a holiday in the States. Since 1863, Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a national holiday in the USA.
Overall, the things you feel grateful for are personal things that no one can say are right or wrong. For me, I’m thankful for family and friends gathering together, with the hope of seeing others at Christmastime. And I’m grateful for more than I can talk about in a blog post. I hope you have something at heart that fills you with gratitude (if you’re Canadian, you already have notes on this from October).
PS: Apple pie made from the 1950s Fannie Farmer, with butter crust. I used small cutouts of stars and turkeys to decorate the top of the pie.


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