Big Stone Gap

If you were, hypothetically, stuck all day in a courtroom, waiting to find out if you had pulled jury duty, what would you want in hand to while away the time?

No beverages allowed, no food (except at lunch break), no coffee (no coffee vending machine). And, alas, no knitting needles, crochet hooks, or sewing needles allowed in this particular courtroom (I actually have thought through the reasoning, and it makes much more sense than banning them on an airplane). I brought the only thing possible — 2 books.

One of the books was Adriana Trigiani’s raucous romp from the coal mines of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the hills of Italy: Big Stone Gap. It’s filled with lively eccentrics, unusual family revelations, and a visit from Elizabeth Taylor. I was prepared not to like it very much, since a lot of the books in the library near Church and Graveyard seem to be populated with southern belles who don’t have much in common with the everyday people I know. Luckily, this was a gritty, lively story that entertained while I waited. Author Trigiani has written a whole trilogy based on this book, and I’m hoping it holds up to this first one.

(No, I didn’t make the cut for the jury. And that’s all I’m allowed to talk about, even though bits of the process were a little fascinating.)


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