Weekend retreat to the old school

I used to study in a room at University underneath this painting.

heavenlyfiguresAnd I would wonder — why was one woman given blue robes and a burning fire to tend, while everyone else was *ahem* unencumbered except by wisps of fabric? Is it some weird Victorian depiction of Hestia and Aphrodite? I hardly think this is a Biblical scene, in this case. But I could be wrong.

The weeping cherries look like they have frills of pink down their long weeping branches, the red bud is blooming on the tree, and the early rhododendrons are starting to unfurl. Other than students out walking, I also saw a killdeer running by the side of the ring road. All quite idyllic, with lovely hints of springtime in the air. Hopefully if you live in the northern hemisphere, spring is well on its way for you. Every time I hear the words “Minnesota” and “snow” in the same sentence, I just cringe.


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