Cat adoption — a success story, of sorts

Our cat Leia, spent a good bit of her first year in our house, under a bed. She didn’t know how to play. She didn’t know what we were.

Most of the time, she looked like this:

The Eyes of Reproach

The Eyes of Reproach

And then, Leia became more friendly, and able to purr and play. So even when we packed up for vacation, she looked like this:

I see you're leaving.... again.

I see you’re leaving…. again.

And today, she has forgiven us for one week with our cat sitter, and purred while I held her before treats. Leia’s an example of a 6 year-old cat who’s finally recognized this is her forever home, even if she still thinks “outside the box” sometimes. Although I know she’d leave us in a heartbeat for a fling with Pavarotti — she loves her opera.


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  1. 1 nellkate August 19, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    Oh, written with style….:)

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