Sand between the toes

Our vacation was lovely. I’ll probably have more pictures up eventually.


  • tutlewalkPicked up seashells.
  • Hung out with friends, and watched their children play in the sand.
  • Watched sea turtles [Link] escape from their nest (with help from the turtle ladies who patrol the beaches).*
  • Fought the waves (well, more the Gardener than me).
  • Eaten more than our fair share of popcorn.
  • And bummed around a town 20 minutes away from the seashore.

If you ever want a lovely vacation, spending the time with friends, it’s great to rent 2 houses on the shore. We had massive cook offs for over 15 people at a time. Our friends are good cooks, and we sorted out kitchen duty before we drove south.

* By the end of one vigil, we were well-educated, and now we will never, ever use white lights to look at baby sea turtles, because they get distracted and won’t go to the ocean or down their little turtle walkway (created in this case by humans to funnel baby loggerheads down to the ocean). Wait — you don’t believe me about the walkway? It’s a bit difficult to see in the sand [in the picture on the right], but there are two regular walls of sand on either side of a nice, easy path to the shoreline. Right by the red cooler (for scooping up turtles that need help), there is a line of stones stuck in the sand, marking where the nest is buried. There is also a slight barricade to keep people from walking directly onto the dunes where the turtle eggs are hidden.

More about the art scene in Raleigh, NC later.


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