The year of the library

At the corner of Church and Graveyard. I’ve been slowly culling my stacks of books, because floorboards are only so strong. I’m trying to limit the book intake by checking out books from the library (I’ve had good luck with knitting books). It gives me a limited view of literature, perhaps (British publications and translations take a long time to get in), but regional authors seem to get first place on the shelves, which I think is a good thing.  I may also explore the eReaders that the library rents, since new print books seem rarer and rarer. But if something looks really good, I’ll splurge and buy it — especially if it has illustrations I want to look at, in addition to a good plot. This isn’t a diet, after all, just an attempt to get rid of books I enjoyed a very long time, but that I do not need to reread. Both Cornflower Books and Dovegreyreader have tempting lovely books that have just come in, but they also have bookreadings of classics that one can find at libraries (and some very good ones too).

I’m checking out different options for listening to books while driving (making a virtue out of necessity). Right now, LibriVox is looking pretty good, since I like Victorian authors, poetry, and other items that are in the public domain. So how about you? Is your house insulated by the bookcases on the walls? Do you collect crafting magazines like I do? Are you the possible despair of everyone who visits your house (one tv and bookcases in the dining room)?

And, most importantly, has anyone read Thomas Pynchon’s new mystery, and is it something I should race out to get? Do your local authors get space in your library, and if so — are there any particular books I should try to get through interlibrary loan?

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