I’ve been thinking a lot about paper — sketching, writing, painting, writing letters.

I have friends who use their computers for everything, but I’m using pen and ink, watercolors, and pencil.

For quick sketches and writing ideas down, I have a tiny square notebook called “hand book” which comes from Global Art Materials. It’s a bit too small for the sort of sketches I normally do, and ink just drags badly over the page. The spiral bound notebook I got from a local, independent art store is wonderful, though. I’ve taken it on vacations, business trips, and just around town to local museums. It’s from a company called Bee Paper, and it’s their Super Deluxe grade of book (heavyweight drawing paper that can be used with wet and dry media). I’ve found the 6-inch by 12-inch size to be good value for my money. This picture shows a portion of a quick watercolor.

North Carolina coastline, August 2013, (c) R

North Carolina coastline, August 2013, (c) R

It’s good for pencil sketches as well (this shows the dimensions — perfect for scenery work).

A quick sketch for Project Spectrum in a park

A quick sketch for Project Spectrum in a park

So, if you have favorite paper —

  • What brand?
  • Why?
  • What for? (Which medium are you using?)

If you’ve switched over entirely to electronic media, or are doing a mix of both, feel free to leave a note too.


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  1. 1 Anne Bonney September 23, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Yes – I like paper and pencil, too. I tend toward the tactile. I like Canson paper. I use colored pencils mostly, so I need a paper that has some tooth to it. I was able to draw on vacation in June because we were in our own place for a week. It was more difficult when doing the August road trip down the coast of California – a beautiful trip, however. I tried capturing the redwoods with my camera, but the deep shadows and the incredible colors of the tree trunks beg for some kind of pigment application!

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