Reading — The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure

Charles Belfoure’s book, The Paris Architect, is an intriguing study of how much one character and his life can change under extraordinary circumstances. Lucien starts out as a shiftless character, out to save his own skin and manipulate others in the heartless world of Nazi-occupied Paris. And then he’s offered one plum job by a wealthy man eager to save a friend. Highly interesting bit of character development, and not just the growth of Lucien, who is the title character.

I met the writer at the Baltimore Book Festival, and he signed my book while all the other authors at the same table told me, “I read that last night. It was so good.” Because of the book’s setting, there is violence. But there are also sparks of amazing human goodness, and the slow progression to a world righting itself with a very satisfying ending.

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