Reading: Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

On the morning of Friday, July first, I had a low-paying job at a waning publisher and a dwindling circle of semi-acquaintances. On Friday, July eighth, I had one foot in the door of Condé Nast and the other in the door of the Knickerbocker Club—the professional and social circles that would define the next thirty years of my life.

That’s how quickly New York City comes about—like a weather vane—or the head of a cobra. Time tells which.” — Amor Towles, Rules of Civility

I’ve been enjoying a bit of the high life from 1938 Manhattan, following Katey Kontent as she moves ever higher into wealthy circles. It’s delightful, witty… There’s an excerpt at the author’s site here: to give you more of a taste. As I’ve read, I’ve keep wondering if the mysteries around Tinker Grey will ever be solved, and how far Katey’s meteoric rise can go. Let me know if you’ve read the book, and what you thought of it… especially the moment when she drops a Russian copy of Vishniovy Sad, by Chekhov, to spark a conversation with a senior fiction editor and land a job. I’ve enjoyed it immensely — it’s so different from my life, or the landscape that surrounds me.


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