Reading: A Trick of the Light, by Louise Penny

Inbetween shoveling snow, knitting, or obsessively watching cross-country skiing during the Olympics (and scaring my cats as I shout at the skiers on television)… I’ve gotten quite a bit of reading done. I’m almost finished with Louise Penny’s A Trick of the Light, and no, I haven’t found out who-dunnit yet. Artists, gallery owners, and small town Canada, with a dead art critic outside a garden party for an older artist’s debut at the Musee’. The question almost seems to be who wouldn’t want to kill an art critic who bad mouthed people and tried to split up couples? How awful for Clara, the artist with the solo show, to find police at her door, and the dead body of a woman in the flower beds. And how dreadful that she was once best friends with the dead critic, but was treated quite badly by her in their college years. Some of the characters are hopefully in other of the Chief Inspector Gamache novels — Ruth the tactless old poet with a crude sense of humor, Beauvior the investigator who reports to the Chief Inspector (and hopelessly falling in love with his daughter), and Clara herself.

Other plotlines weave in and out, mostly from another part of the series, but it’s very readable without reading the other books. And, having been an art minor, I can see the genius in the character creation and the development of motive. So far, people are nicer than they were at group art crits.

So, have you read any good novels lately, or reread a favorite mystery story that you want to share? Please do in the comments!

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