Modern artists and craftspeople

These days, when everything seems to be going digital, there are people still working time-honored crafts, wielding a paintbrush, or creating pottery. They’re creating art, and managing to make a career or vocation out of it.

Recent finds:

  • Check out Pellinore Press for their Greeting cards. There’s a lovely one of two owls, made with wood engraving.
  • An artist in London is crafting cans of Spam and sticks of Wrigley’s Chewing gum out of felt to stock an abandoned corner shop. Read about Lucy Sparrow’s Corner Shop at FastCoDesign.
  • Detroit has a Craft Map. No, honestly — this is seriously cool. Check out Handmade Detroit for info about where to buy supplies, meet indie artists, and more. (Do other cities have the same thing? Let me know!)
  • If you’re ever in Racine, Wisconsin, visit the RAM and its fabulous American Craft Collection. Prints by Frank Boyden are really amazing, and on view until early June.
  • J.M. Syron and Bonnie Bischoff create furniture inlaid with polymer clay. It’s more interesting in real life, but worth a visit to their website.

I’m sure there are artists and craftspersons in every city putting their brushstrokes on the world. These are just a few things that I noticed. I’ll probably be focusing on Spring in the next few days. We might have seasonal weather, someday. The snow’s almost gone, at least.


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