Rollercoaster weather

SeadragonThe eastern half of the USA is suffering from roller coaster weather. Vermont got snow, and those of us further south have a sudden warm up tomorrow, followed by the threat of snow flurries and cold next week. Everyone I know either has a cold, or a desperate desire to sleep until spring. But still, fig leaves are showing up on branches, snow drop blossoms are in the yard, and we almost have some daffodils by the south facing wall. I’m hoping to spend some time outdoors in the sun, and try to find out if the hellebores are blooming now that the snow has melted. And the spring concerts are beginning. It’s going to be a very busy singing season.

(The picture on the right is from a lovely trip to the shore during the non-winter months of another year. Can’t find my picture of the old coaster at Dorney Park…. wow, we loved that thing. All wood, with amazing creaks and clicks that convinced you that death was imminent.)


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