Following someone else’s annotations

Years ago, my Dad told me how some ministers annotate the Bible, and how exciting it would be to read the same Bible that Martin Luther put notes in. (Now you can. Article at the Universitat Utrechts’ Humanities website: )

My Dad was a minister, and he caught the bug and wrote notes (or inserted notes on pieces of paper in his art books) all the time. I have the same habit (not for library books, though, or most reading) when I’m studying something. I can’t decide if it’s bad or not, but now I have a copy of my father’s Wordsworth. And it’s somewhat comforting, me reading the same book he read back in 1964, and realizing that he must have read it in Seminary. It may also be slightly comforting that I’m having an easier time with The Prelude (but I’ve fallen asleep over his divinity texts. So… dry…).

So, have you ever followed someone else’s annotations like footprints in the grass?

More later on this poem and Wordsworth, I think. Maybe after I look at the article about Martin Luther’s Bible. How very cool is that?


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  1. 1 Anne Bonney April 28, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Very cool – going to look up Luther now.

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