Cheeky fellows – high atop a hill



Bismarck overlooks Hamburg — molded in cement, and standing on what looks like castle ramparts. I’m not sure what he think about the changes in the area since the statue was erected in the Alten Elbpark.  The hill overlooks the Reeperbahn area of the city. It’s an easy walk from a train station, and interesting to see, even though there’s lots of graffiti. at the base of the statue itself. Some of the graffiti uses English words in somewhat odd contexts.

Although Otto doesn’t look like he’s interested in a good time, there are always the guys hanging out at the base of the statue. Like this one:

Tell me he's not thinking about last night's party?

Tell me he’s not thinking about last night’s party?

The whole statue and base is an amazing collision of different styles. Can’t figure out if the nude statuary at the base of Bismarck’s perch are meant to invoke manly comparisons to Olympians of old….

As if...

As if…

Or a party in search of a nightclub. I’m not sure where in 1906 they would have found one.


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