911 Memorial, Jersey City, NJ

My Internet (and I think everyone else’s Internet) was down most of last week. But I still want to post a picture of the Empty Sky (9/11) Memorial that is in Liberty State Park. So much to see there, with the Statue of Liberty in the distance, and NYC in front of you. But the memorial creates an amazing portal into the past. Clean lines, framing what isn’t there anymore.

Empty Sky memorial, close up

Empty Sky memorial, close up

Names are etched on the inside walls, there is a berm/hill on either side. And while very plain, it reflects the sky, it reflects the mood of the day, it isn’t static.

Several brides were having their photos taken at the park, with the beautiful skyline behind them (or in front of the area where immigrants first stood on the US mainland after being on Ellis Island). There’s still damage to the park from Superstorm Sandy, but the park continues on, providing a unique frame for the story of immigrants, tragedy, and rebirth that defines who we think we are here in the 50 States.

On a less somber note, if you’re ever wondering if there’s a place to eat with a view of the New York skyline, try out Liberty House Restaurant. Good food, lovely views. Well worth getting reservations on a summer day when you can sit outdoors and watch the sailboats in the river.


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