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scrabbleA while back, I mentioned book festivals. (in this post here). We went to the one in Baltimore, and wandered around in mazes of tents around the Inner Harbor. We darted in and listened to people read from books, gawked at vendor’s wares, and looked for something not in the library yet.

I talked with Kourtney Heintz, who has written a book about a woman with telepathy who lives in Manhattan, and what happens when her husband takes her to his hometown in Wisconsin so she isn’t inundated with everyone else’s thoughts. But then she starts hearing about his secrets in his little town. [The book is The Six Train to Wisconsin.] The book discussion was interesting, but I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the premise.

In other large tents with seating, people read poetry, talked about their political views, or discussed graphic novels they were getting published. And swirling all around were other events about literacy: High school students were holding a haiku slam contest, there was a giant scrabble board, and small independent periodical editor were trying to get writers to enter contests. There was a lot to see and do — crowd watching (a guy with a giant boa constrictor, strolling with his girlfriend), boat watching, and just enjoying the ducks, who weren’t interested in the books. I ended up buying The Tide King, by Jen Michalski. I gotten far yet — I’ve just started finding the pattern to the stories with a connection to saxifrage.

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