Getting the party started – Halloween

Tonight, while commuting on the Washington DC Metro, I saw about a group of college age boys/men get on the train. All were in costume. Costumes included:

  • The Mad Hatter from the recent Johnny Depp movie
  • Tom Cruise from the movie Top Gun (spent a while thinking he was one of the Ghostbusters — yes, the uniform is that close)
  • Some guy wearing a blue leotard with white and black stripes (I have no idea)
  • The Captain from Peter Pan
  • The alligator with the clock around his neck from Peter Pan

They rode about 2 stops, and then got off, probably for a college party. A blessed relief to see them, after all the political pollsters and people who wanted me to sign petitions in the entryway. Have a great time tomorrow, and tell the kids to wear reflector tape or light colored coats over their fairy costumes. It’s dark out there. And there are people handing out political pamphlets outside almost every business, so watch out for them too.


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